Professor Rozema,

I've been doing well teaching at S--- Middle school as the 6th grade
Language Arts teacher. I wanted to share with you my first attempts at
teaching students how to create wikis and podcasts. I taught them garageband
first, audacity, and then usage of It's amazing to see what
11 and 12 year olds can do with the right preparation and resources! Some
are excellent, many met the requirements, and only a few were lost. I've
learned a lot from myself in my instruction for next time of teaching these
skills, but boy, did I ever have fun teaching it! The students totally loved
the unit, despite the fact that they may have been lost. Oh well, first time
attempt was great in my opinion. Everyone, (and literally I feel that
everyone that commented) was totally impressed and has never seen anything
like it before. It felt great being the new teacher to the building and
being a small step up on the ladder in the technology category.

Anyway, I've been considering starting my M.Ed program this summer...still
debating on which to pursue. Right now I am leaning towards Instructional
and Curriculum for Secondary level or Adult and Higher education. I have
lots of time still.

Hope you're doing well!

Wiki pages and 2nd podcasts
*notable wikis: Lynneise's, Madison's, Jenna's

1st attempts at podcasts

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